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Target Rifle, Pistol, Hunting and Collecting Club's

The Illawarra Regional Shooting Association (IRSA) is a local Illawarra based Association originating in Wollongong.


The IRSA consists of four separate licenced clubs all of which are governed by the Association.

The clubs provide the following shooting disciplines: Service Rifle (Military Rifle), Rimfire and Centrefire Silhouette, Dangerous Game Rifle (Field Rifle), Benchrest (Rimfire and Centrefire), APA Pistol Matches and Long Range Precision Rifle Shooting. The Collecting Club holds regular meetings and events in Wollongong

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Is HillTop range closed due to fire danger

Our Service Rifle club shoots on the 1st Sunday of the month at Hilltop Rifle Range. Sign on and the arranging of targets starts at 9.00am. Practice commences at 10.00 am, competition normally starts about 11.00am.

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