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Service Rifle Discipline


Our Service Rifle club shoots on the 1st Sunday of the month at Hilltop Rifle Range. Sign on and the arranging of targets starts at 9.00am. Practice commences at 10.00 am, competition normally starts about 11.00am.

Members who take part in this discipline use bolt action military style rifles. Most commonly used rifles are The No 1 Mk 3 and No 4 303's or 6.5 x 55 Mausers. Any bolt action military style rifle that has been in service with the armed forces of any country are eligible to compete on the day. There are 3 basic classes of rifle of the above listed. Standard Rifle are those in their purest form. A rifle in its original state (in other words as issued). Modified Rifle is a standard rifle that has had changes made to its original state e.g. enhanced sights, lighter trigger fitted or timber work cut down. The 3rd class is scoped military rifles and these come under a number of class's. The majority of our events are shot using open sights at distances varying from 50m 75m 100m 200m and 300m and are usually shot with a number of rounds in a specified time frame... As well as centre rifles used there are some military calibres in rimfire that are also catered for.

Don't be daunted by the word competition the aim of the day is for members to enjoy the day and to improve their shooting. However there are opportunities for our members to participate in matches with other clubs normally 2 to 3 day events (e.g. Canberra and Mudgee) where we get to camp out and enjoy some stiff competition and a good old chat with like minded people around a camp fire.

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