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IRSA Hunting Club

The IRSA Hunting Club is a member of the Federation of Hunting Clubs. Many of our range events are Hunting Club events which count towards your two mandatory hunting club events required in order to keep "hunting" as a genuine reason for owning a firearms license (unless you have a property owner's letter allowing you to hunt on that property only).

Many members hunt, both in Australia and overseas and can provide some help and advise through this site's blogs. This does not include places to hunt for fairly obvious reasons.

New hunters are strongly advised to get their Game License through the Department of Primary Industries, after which hunting on public lands (State Forests) becomes available year round. All of the ferals, pigs, goats, rabbits, foxes and deer are to be found in the NSW State Forests which are open for hunting. Limited opportunities for bird hunting are also available after gaining a Game License.

Photographs from your hunts, whether of game taken or landscapes or simply enjoying camping out are always welcome and may be displayed below. Please note that photos of dead game must be presented respectfully and tastefully in order to appear on this site. Firearms should be shown in a safe condition, i.e. actions open and never pointed at another person.

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