About Us


The Illawarra Regional Shooting Association (IRSA) is a local Illawarra based Association.

We are a major independent NSW Shooting Association and stand alone, we are not tied to other Associations.

Our Rifle range is located at Hilltop near Mittagong approximately a 40 minute drive from Wollongong. The Range consists of 800 metre rifle range 500 metre rifle range (newly constructed) Pistol range (under construction). We also meet once a month (4th Friday of each month at 7.30pm) at the Balgownie Community Centre.

With a long history of over forty years and still moving forward, we are able to provide many services and benefits to our vast membership.

The IRSA consists of four separate licenced clubs all of which are governed by the Association.

Our clubs are, The IRSA Target Rifle Shooting Club, The IRSA Hunting Club, The IRSA Pistol Shooting Club and The IRSA Collectors Club (Society).

The clubs provide the following shooting disciplines: Service Rifle (Military Rifle), Rimfire and Centrefire Silhouette, Dangerous Game Rifle (Field Rifle), Benchrest (Rimfire and Centrefire), APA Pistol Matches and Long Range Precision Rifle Shooting. The Collecting Club holds regular meetings and events.

The IRSA welcomes and will assist all new shooters or collectors being either adults or juniors. Please see the rest of our web site for more information.