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Information about getting a firearms license in NSW


In total getting licensed is a three-step process. Which requires a safety training session and test. There is a mandatory waiting period, applied by the consenting authority.
We can assist New Rifle and Pistol Shooters complete their Safety Training and paperwork to get Licensed in NSW


Step 1: Join: The IRSA


This is to satisfy the ‘Genuine Reason’ or Reason’s for getting the appropriate License you require. To Target Shoot Rifle and / or Pistol you need to join an approved shooting organisation in NSW, this is mandatory. This may also apply if you require membership to a Hunting Club etc. for obtaining a NSW DPI R-License to hunt on approved public lands.


You will need to choose which relevant Clubs of the IRSA you will need to join.

You can join one or more (Rifle Club, Hunting Club, Pistol Club, Collecting Club).
You can join online on this site, various payment methods available. Additional Requirements for Handgun Licenses:
You’ll will need two-character references to join the Pistol Club. Referees must be 18+ years old and have known you for a minimum of 2 years.

Step 2: Complete: Firearms Safety Training

You will need to complete Firearms Safety Training. Rifle and Pistol shooters can book their training through us. You can enquire on our website using the contact page. Fees apply.

Step 3: Submit: Your Application and Supporting Documents

Finally, submit your completed application forms online via the Service NSW website, you will need to great an online account, if you do not already have one. Generally, a new license takes a minimum of 28 days, but it may take a lot longer for you license to be issued.


Additional information:


​Minors Permit information:

Use the contact form to contact us and arrange for your firearms safety training.

You can also contact us to, If you would like to try a shooting activity, prior to getting licensed. However, conditions need to be met prior also.

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