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Rim Fire Rifle Silhouette Shooting

Rim fire Rifle Silhouette Shooting is a fun but challenging event. It can be entered with fairly simple low cost equipment and the ammunition is fairly cheap to buy.
All you need to enter is any standard 22lr calibre rifle, and some standard velocity ammunition. The Rifle can be a bolt action, lever action, straight pull, with open sights, peep sights or a scope.
The IRSA rim fire silhouette shoots are run on the 4th Sunday of the month at the Hill Top Range. Check the calendar on our web site for the dates.
The targets are standard format metal targets in animal shapes at various distances.
You have the chickens @ 40 meters, the pigs @ 60 meters, the turkeys @ 80 meters and the rams @ 100 meters.
A standard match is 40 rounds with 10 rounds being fire at each of the 4 distances.
The scoring is simple one point for each time your hit a target.
The possible for the match is 40 points.
The matches are ungraded so we all mix in together in the details to try our hands at the targets. Because the match is ungraded and to level out the experience levels we do have a handicap point system.

Most shooters have a .22lr calibre rifle so why not come along and give it a try.

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